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Pak Study online aptitude test Refer to most repeated past paper quiz of  FPSC past papers syllabus and other competitive exams in Pakistan. Basically online mcqs test of Pakistan studies is the name of a prospectus of academic research as well as the study that involves the culture, topography, history, demographics and also the politics history of Pakistan and general knowledge quiz.

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Presidential Election in Iran took place on____?

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Pakistan won first Kabaddi World Cup on___ ?

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First Seasonal Influenza H1N1 was reported in Pakistan on dated___ ?

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When was Corona Virus first reported ?

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On 18 February 2020, Pakistan conducted a successful test of the nuclear Air-Launched Cruise Missile named_____ ?

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UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, will visit Pakistan on______?

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World Health Organisation (WHO) named Corona Virus from Wuhan, China as _____ ?

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US trade deficit stood at ________ billion dollars in 2019

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Name the current chairmen of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)---?

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On 21 February, FATF decided to keep Pakistan on Grey list until_____?

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