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9th class Physics Part-1
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VGA is ____ ?

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The basic operations perform by Computer____?

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Who is the father of Internet ?

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The term "Computer‟ is derived
from ?

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CD-ROM stands for ____ ?

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MSI stands for ___ ?

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You can organize files by storing them in _________?

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What is a light pen?

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Who is the father of Computer?

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WAN stands for ___?

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Online Test System for Matriculation:

The ideas being imparted in entire syllabus at matriculation level to college level are measured as most basic yet most important. To build strong base of concepts and learning, studying with piety and observance in 9th and 10th class is compulsory.

The boards of intermediate and secondary education in Pakistan maintain a consistent system of examination throughout the country for regularity of education. So that under deliberation, our website (governmentjob) has worked with experts in designing online tests for matriculation students.

These tests are arranged in pattern of BISE boards of education and cover questions from the complete book of every subject. Hence, students, who are devoted to prepare for their examinations in the strong way, must attempt these school test for measuring their current status of learning.

Preparation for Online School mock Test:

Preparations of exams at middle level are less exhausting and hard. While the students have qualified board of examinations at matriculation level, students are additional confident and familiar with knowledge of accurate way to conduct online test.

Often this newly acquired freedom at intermediate level from constant scrutiny of teachers like in schools, lead students to take their examination preparation lightly. This results in retaining of grades and marks. Therefore School online mock tests drawn for matric students can effectively assess your current potential in studies. School students can make an estimation of how much more preparation and learning they further need by attempting the school online test we have designed for them.