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The 9th class online test in our website cover every minute detail of BISE Board Lahore and other examinations. Seeing how we can pay for attention of students, governmentjob has designed a well experienced online tests system for 9th class students. Attempt online quiz test and get quick 9th class result.

Moreover students can attempt chapter wise online test to assess their level of student preparation without direction of instructors and get an instant rewards of their preparations.

Hence these school quiz questions tests are as per the pattern of BISE board of examinations and federal board of examination. 

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CD-ROM stands for ____ ?

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Who is the father of Computer?

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Who is the father of Internet ?

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What is a light pen?

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UNIVAC is _____ ?

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Which device is required for the Internet connection?

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VGA is ____ ?

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You can organize files by storing them in _________?

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The basic operations perform by Computer____?

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If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as___ ?

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