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The aptitude test is a test that is referred as a standard to measure the abilities of the student. The SAT, GAT and NTS-GAT test Pakistan is usually taken up by the candidates. This aptitude test exam is referred to as the measure of aptitudes as literacy and GK skills about aptitude. It’s also measure the ability of the Pakistani students to analyze and solve the problems. Moreover these Aptitude test online assessing the candidate’s intelligence and reasoning ability. Aptitude is requested, distributed, and created by the governmentjob official website, a free benefit association platform in the Pakistan.

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The highest temperature was recorded in?

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The Jhimpir Wind Power Plant is located in ———- district.

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Pakistan’s national tree is ———- ?

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The official languages of NATO are?

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Who was the first Chief Minister of KPK?

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The Seventh O.I.C summit 1994 was held in?

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Which from the following countries has no armed forces?

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The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is?

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Dehli became the capital of India in?

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Who was the first air chief of Pakistan?

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