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Mathematics online test including the study of number system, functions, shapes (geometry), quantity, and algebraic equations and their relations. Math’s is a main subject being taught in all schools, colleges and aptitude test. Math quiz questions paper consists of multiple choice question type and multiple choice questions are main part of this mathematics online test.

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20 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 10 men to do this work?

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Rashid bought a shirt for Rs.350 and sold it Rs.300. How much loss did he get?

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If 40 men build 4 buildings in 12 months, how many men would be required to build 6 houses in 4 months?

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If takes 14 taps to fill a swimming pool in 10 hours. How much time will it take 5 taps to fill the pool?

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Which number can replace both question marks? 2/? = ?/50.

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The number, whose 25% is 75, is

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The number, whose 7% is 42, is

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The zoo had some lions and some parrots. The supervisor counted 15 heads and 50 legs.

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What comes next in the series? 64, 48, 40, 36, 34, …

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If 15 men can manufacture 27 baskets in an hour, how many baskets would 45 men can manufacture in 40 minutes?

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