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Governmentjob site provide most repeated past papers Mcqs pdf files and past paper Books. We help students to work out where the gaps in their knowledge are,  and also know the strengths and weakness in study manner. This will comfort students to target their final exams. After reading the past paper the Students and candidates get an idea of what time frame they should finish to remember the answer of a particular subject. Moreover Past papers help students in problem solving and also test their exams preparation level.

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General Knowledge Online Test

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At what temperature does silver melt?

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The first session of All India Muslim League was presided over by --------- .

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Which country is the world's top supplier of weapons?

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A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called __________?

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Who was the first Navel Chief of Pakistan?

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Calculus was invented by________?

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Human bone does not contain_________?

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Who was the first air chief of Pakistan?

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---------- has the world's largest natural gas reserves?

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The first human who traveled into space was?

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In addition Past papers are of great importance for the students of all levels of study either of school / college level and Past papers for Jobs. Also the students of other examinations like NUMS past papers, Mdcat past papers, Ecat past papers, MA political science past papers, SAT past papers, UET entry test past papers, ACCA past papers (ACCA f8 past papers, ACCA f5 past papers, ACCA p4 past papers) and CSS past papers.

Governmentjob has given the facility to all Board paper preparation that they can get and study all kinds of past papers by visiting the past papers section on governmentjob. Moreover candidates can download the job related competitive exams mcqs i.e. FPSC Past Paper, PPSC Past paper, SPSC Past paper, NTS, PTS, IB past papers, Business past papers and FIA Past paper.

Past paper for matric and inter examinations, for graduation level and also for school, College and university level are available for the help of students. In this page students can download the entry test past papers like MCAT, ECAT, CSS, PMS, ISSB and PCS can also get past papers easily on governmentjob.