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Current Affairs Online Test:

Current affairs online tests mainly are a type of all current events in the world that explores and discusses the most recent stories all over the world. Online Current affair MCQs test might include the news is still happening. Mostly the discussion revolves around why, where, and how a particular story has happened.

The current affair mock test is a bit different from the normal news programs that report current news as quickly as it can occur. Because that news programmed do not have as many investigations as current affairs programmed.


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On 21 February, FATF decided to keep Pakistan on Grey list until_____?

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Presidential Election in Iran took place on____?

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Pakistan won first Kabaddi World Cup on___ ?

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World Health Organisation (WHO) named Corona Virus from Wuhan, China as _____ ?

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UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, will visit Pakistan on______?

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On 18 February 2020, Pakistan conducted a successful test of the nuclear Air-Launched Cruise Missile named_____ ?

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When was Corona Virus first reported ?

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First Seasonal Influenza H1N1 was reported in Pakistan on dated___ ?

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Name the current chairmen of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)---?

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US trade deficit stood at ________ billion dollars in 2019

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Current affair mcqs test online:

Therefore both current affair mock test is mainly different to each other, mainly the current affair include the study of the matters that are happening in the countries or the issues that have already happened.

This section of contains the Current Affairs Online Test. You can take the online current affair quiz as many times as you want and get a quick result. Current Affair online test Refers to most repeated math MCQs from past paper of PPSC past paper and FPSC  past papers and other competitive exams MCQs in Pakistan.


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