Best Colleges in Karachi – List of Government Colleges in Karachi Division

In this post, we will look at some of Karachi’s best colleges. The rating is based on student reviews, their performance in their respective boards, and how many students were accepted into the country’s finest top best colleges in Karachi.

Best Colleges in Karachi

The Best Colleges rating is based on a thorough examination of the Government of Sindh Department of Education’s academic, admissions, financial, and student life statistics, as well as millions of student and alumni evaluations. The list compares the best institutions and Colleges in Karachi. 

Bahria College Karsaz

Bahria College Karsaz, Karachi Building
Bahria College Karsaz, Karachi Building
  1. AddressHabib, Rehmatullah St, Karsaz Faisal Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh:
  2. Phone(021) 48503177
  3. PrincipalCaptain(I) Arshad Mohyudin TI(M)
  4. Founded1986
  5. Academic affiliations: CIE, FBISE, Karachi Board

Bahria College Karsaz​ Programme

  1. FSC General Science
  2. ICS (Computer, Math’s, Physics)
  3. FSC Pre-engineering
  4. FSC Pre-Medical
  5. O/A Levels

Bahria Institution Karsaz is the best college in Karachi as a private institute. Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Sirohey, the Chief of Naval Staff, created the institution in December 1986. Pakistan Navy is in charge of the college.

We at Bahria College Karsaz must develop the character of our future generations, which includes the highest sense of honor, integrity, and selfless service to the nation, and we must ensure that they are fully qualified and equipped to participate in various aspects of the economy in a manner that is honorable to Pakistan.

DJ Sindh Government Science College

  1. Address: Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Rd, Saddar Seari Quarters, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  2. Principal: Syed Kamil Shere
  3. Founded: January 17, 1887
  4. Academic affiliations: CIE, FBISE, Karachi Board

DJ Sindh​ Programme

  1. FSC Pre-Engineering
  2. FSC Pre-Medical
  3. BSC Computer Science

One of the greatest colleges in Karachi is Dayaram Jethamal Sindh Government Science College (DJ Science College). It was founded in 1887. It is associated with Karachi University and the Karachi Board of Intermediate Education.

Mr. Diwan Dayaram Jethmal, a Sindhi philanthropist, was instrumental in the establishment of the D.J. Sindh Government Science College in 1887.

His Excellency Lord Reay, Governor of Bombay, inaugurated the institution on January 17, 1887, at a house in Thaitai Compound on Bunder Road. In 1892, it was relocated to the current structure.

By that time, this college in Karachi had expanded to include faculties of Arts, Sciences, Engineering, and Law. With just 28 students and five faculty members, D.J.Sindh Government Science Institution began as largely an arts college.

Saint Lawrence Govt College for Women

St Lawrence Government College Karachi-min
  1. Address: Jamshed Quarters Amil Colony, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  2. Phone: (021) 99231211
  3. Categories: Government College

St Lawrence College Programme

  1. FSC Pre-engineering
  2. FSC Pre-medical
  3. ICS
  4. ICOM

Saint Lawrence Government College for Women in Karachi is a Roman Catholic institution. Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary started the college in 1936.

The college is divided into four houses: unity, faith, discipline, and service. Currently, the college has over 1100 students enrolled.

Adamjee Government Science College

Adamjee Government Science College Front View
  1. Address: Jamshed Quarters Amil Colony, Karachi City, Sindh
  2. Phone: (021) 99231211

Adamjee College Programme

  1. FSC Pre-engineering
  2. FSC Pre-medical
  3. ICS
  4. ICOM

Furthermore, the All Pakistan Memon Educational and Welfare Society built the Adamjee Government Science College in 1961 with the financial support and efforts of late Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood and Mr. Abdul Ghani Dada Bhai Junani. It’s in the centre of the city, near the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (the father of Pakistan), in the Garden East (Jamshed Town) neighborhood on Karachi’s Business Recorder Road.

The college is consistently ranked as one of the greatest public universities in the country.

Government Degree College, Malir Cantt

Government Degree College, Malir Cantt
  1. Address: Bahawalpur line, Near, Cantt Bazar Cantt, Karachi City, Sindh
  2. Phone: (021) 99247248

Degree College, Malir Programme

  1. FSC Pre-engineering
  2. FSC Pre-medical
  3. ICS
  4. ICOM

Government Degree College, Malir Cantt is one of Karachi’s greatest government institutions, offering high-quality education at a low cost. In 1979, the college was founded.

Students are not only educated at the institution, but they are also transformed into actual human beings with a sense of humanity. The college aspires to teach discipline to its pupils.

DHA Degree College for Women

DHA Degree College for Women Karachi
  1. Address: GC-1, 14th Street، Khayaban-e-Ghalib, D.H.A. Phase 8 Zone B Phase 8 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi City, Sindh 75500
  2. Phone: (021) 35841670

DHA Degree College for Women Study Programme

  1. Pre-Medical
  2. Pre-Engineering
  3. Commerce
  4. Arts

DHA Degree College for Women, located in Defence Karachi, is a multi-faceted institution. DA Model High School, the college’s predecessor, was founded in 1986. The college’s mission is to provide high-quality education to young women.
A variety of groups and organisations at the institution organise seminars, conferences, tournaments, contests, performances, and presentations to improve student awareness.

The college is now regarded as a place of study, advancement, and quality, as well as a guiding light for future nation builders.

Govt Delhi Inter Science College, Karachi

  1. Address: FB Area Block 2 Hussainabad, Karachi، Pakistan
  2. Phone: (021) 99333056

DHA Degree College for Women Study Programme

  1. FSC Pre-engineering
  2. FSC Pre-Medical
  3. ICS

Govt. Dehli College is one of Karachi’s most attractive, well-kept, and disciplined colleges. It offers the best education of all the Government Colleges in Sindh. The following subjects are taught at college: At the F.Sc. level, there are three courses: (a) Pre-Engineering, (b) Pre-Medical, and (c) Computer Science, each with over 1600 students. Every year, Govt.

Dehli College graduates brilliant students for engineering, medical, business, and professional schools. Degree classes will begin soon at the college.

Govt BAMM PECHS College for Women

  1. Located in: Shara-e-Faisal Police Chowki
  2. Address: P.E.C.H.S Block 2 Block 2 PECHS, Karachi City, Sindh
  3. Phone: (0923) 4315200
  4. Email: [email protected]

BAMM PECHS College Study Programme

  1. FSC Pre-Engineering
  2. FSC Pre-Medical
  3. ICS
  4. ICOM

Bamm PECHS Government Institution for Women is a Karachi-based girl’s college. The college began with three rooms and has now expanded to include several complicated blocks.

The institution features an indoor gymnasium, which is the sole amenity provided in all of Karachi’s colleges.

The institution, which has over 4000 students enrolled, is a landmark in the field of education.

Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karachi

  1. Located in: Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan School
  2. Address: 1-5/B-VII, 1-5/B Street 7, Federal B Area Karimabad Block 7 Gulberg Town, Karachi City, Sindh 75950
  3. Phone: (021) 36826752

Aga Khan College Karachi Study Programme

  1. FSC Pre-Engineering
  2. FSC Pre-Medical
  3. Science General
  4. Commerce

The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School in Karachi is one of the best institutions in the city, dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education. In 1995, the college was founded.

The college strikes a healthy mix between academic, athletic, and cultural pursuits.

The college offers great academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities.

Commecs College, Karachi

COMMECS College Karachi
  1. Address: Gulistan-e-Jauhar – Malir Cantt Rd, Block 13 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi City, Sindh 75420
  2. Products and Services:
  3. Phone: (021) 34615357
  4. School type: Public university
  5. Founded: 1993
  6. Campus: Jauhar Campus, PECHS Campus.

Commecs College, Karachi Study Programme

  1. Commerce
  2. Pre-Engineering
  3. Pre-Medical
  4. Computer Science

Commecs College in Karachi is a non-profit co-educational institution. COMMECS, the graduates of Government College of Commerce and Economics, founded the college in 1993. The institution offers a variety of intellectual, physical, and cultural amenities, including large classrooms, well-equipped labs, and sports activities.

The college is a good place to go if you want to improve the quality of business and science education in Pakistan.

Government College in Karachi Regions

There are 95 functional government Intermediate, Degree and Post-graduate Best Colleges in Karachi. The colleges in all Karachi regions wise are as under:

List of Karachi Centeral District Colleges

S.NoName of College
1Govt. College of Education, Block-15, F.B. Area, Karachi
2Govt. Dehli Inter Science College, Hussainabad, Karachi.
3Govt. Science /Commerce College Block-16, F.B. Area, Karachi
4Govt. City College No.1, Karachi
5Govt. City College No.2, Karachi
6Govt. Degree College for Women Block-19, Alnoor Block-19 Karachi
7APWA Govt. College for Women, Karachi
8Shaheed-e-Millat Govt. College for Women, Karachi
9Govt. College for Men, Nazimabad, Karachi
10Quaid-e-Millat Govt. College (Evening) Karachi
11Govt. College for Women, Nazimabad, Karachi
12Govt. Degree Science College, Liaqutabad, Karachi
13Govt. Degree Girls College Liaqutabad (KMC Park)
14Sirajudullah Govt. College No.1, Karachi
15Sirajudullah Govt. College No.2, Karachi
16Riaz Govt. Girls College, Karachi.
17H.I Osmania Govt. Girls College, Nazimabad, Karachi.
18Sir Syed Govt. College for Women, Nazimabad, Karachi
19Govt. College for Women, 11-F New Karachi, Karachi
20Nishter Govt. Girls College 11-B North Karachi
21Govt. College for Women, 11-B North Karachi
22Govt. Degree Boys College 7D-II North Karachi, Karachi
23Govt. Degree Boys College 5-L New Karachi, Karachi
24Govt. Degree Girls College 11-I North Karachi, Karachi
25Govt. Jinnah College, Nazimabad, Karachi.
26Govt. Premier College No.1, Karachi
27Govt. Premier College No.2, Karachi
28Govt. Premier College for Women, Karachi
29Abdullah Govt. College for Women, Karachi
30Govt. Degree Girls College Block “M” North Nazimabad, Karachi
31Pakistan Shipowner’s Govt. College, Karachi
32Govt. Degree Boys College Buffer Zone, Karachi.
33Govt. Degree Girls College, Buffer Zone, Karachi.
34Govt. Degree College for Women, Block “K” North Nazimabad.
35Marrium Mukhtiar Government Girls College, Near APWA GGHS Liaquatabad, Karachi
36Govt. Boys College, 11-A, North Nazimabad, Karachi

List of Karachi Centeral District Colleges

S.NoName of College
1Govt. National College No.1, Karachi
2Govt. National College No.2, Karachi
3Khatoon-e-Pakistan Govt. College for Women, Karachi
4Govt. Girls College, PIB Colony, Karachi
5HRH Agha Khan Govt. College for Women, Karachi
6RLAK Govt. College of Home Economics, Karachi
7Govt. Degree College for Boys & Girls  Block-07 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi
8Govt. Degree Boys & Girls College, Stadium Road, Karachi
9Govt. College of Physical Education, Karachi
10Govt. Degree Girls College Shaikh Zaid Centre, Karachi
11Govt. Degree Boys College, Gulistan-e-Jouhar No.1, Karachi
12Govt. Degree Boys College, Gulistan-e-Jouhar No.2, Karachi
13Govt. Degree Girls College Block-13 Gulistan-e-Jouhar, Karachi
14Govt. Degree Girls College, Block-12 Gulistan e Jouhar Safooran Goth, Karachi
15Govt. Islamia Science College, Karachi
16Govt. Islamia Arts & Commerce College No.1, Karachi
17Govt. Islamia Arts & Commerce College No.2, Karachi
18Govt. Islamia College for Women, Lines Area, Karachi.
19Govt. Degree Science College, Lines Area, Karachi.
20Dukhtar-e-Mashriq Govt. Degree Girls College, Karachi
21PECHS Education Foundation Govt. Science College, Karachi.
22BAMM PECHS Govt. College for Women, Karachi
23Adamjee Govt. Science College, Karachi
24St. Lawrence’s Govt. College for Women, Karachi
25Govt. Degree Girls College Mahmoodabad, Green Belt, Karachi
26Govt. Degree Boys College, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi
27Jan Muhammad Brohi Govt. Degree College, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi
28Shah Nawaz Shar Goth Govt. Degree Girls College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
29Govt. Degree Girls College, Scheme-33, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

List of Karachi Karongi District

S.NoName of College
1Govt. Degree Boys College, Jogi More Quaidabad, Landhi, Karachi
2Govt. College for Women, Korangi No.4, Karachi.
3Govt. College for Women, Korangi No.6, Karachi
4Govt. Degree Boys College, Korangi  2 ½ Karachi
5Govt. Degree Girls College Korangi 2 ½ Karachi
6Govt. Degree Science College, Landhi/Korangi No.6, Karachi
7Govt. Degree Arts & Comm. College Landhi (Evening) Karachi
8Govt. Superior Science College, Karachi
9Govt. Superior Commerce College (Evening) Karachi
10Jamia Millia Govt. Degree College No.1, Karachi
11Jamia Millia Govt. Degree College No.2, Karachi
12Jamia Millia Govt. College of Education, Karachi
13Khursheed Govt. Girls College, Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi
14Allama Iqbal Govt. Girls College, Karachi
15Govt. Degree College, Shah Faisal Colony No.5, Karachi
16Govt. Inter Boys College 36-B Landhi, Karachi
17Govt. Degree Girls College Landhi 3 ½ Karachi
18Govt. College for Women, Saudabad, Karachi
19Govt. Degree Girls College C-1 Area, Malir, Karachi
20Allama Iqbal Govt. Science Degree College, Karachi
21Allama Iqbal Govt. College (Evening) Karachi
22Liaquat Govt. Degree Boys College (Evening) Karachi
23Liaquat Govt. Girls College, Karachi
24Govt. Degree Girls College, Industrial Area, Karachi
25Bibi Asifa Government Girls College, landhi, Karachi
26Government Girls College, Singer Chowrangi,  Sharafi Goth, Karachi
27Government  Degree Boys College, Muzaffarabad, Landhi, Karachi

Final Thoughts

A college plays an important part in a student’s professional career. As a result, most students are dejected and perplexed while picking which institution to attend the following matriculation. Karachi is Pakistan’s most populated metropolis, with a large number of colleges.

As a result, we have included all of the essential information about the best colleges in Lahore in one post. We hope that this material will assist you in making an informed decision about which college to attend.

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