Beyond Finance Salary Table table on monthly, yearly, and hourly basis

What is Beyond Finance?

Beyond Finance is a responsible fintech startup whose goal is to assist customers in paying off their debt. The Beyond Finance program is tailored to each customer and is designed in such a way that we don’t get paid unless we demonstrate results to them. Moreover, Beyond Finance, a firm at the forefront of developing and trading synthetic financial products provides a unique set of prospects for professionals in the technology and finance industries read more…

Understanding the Salary Structure at Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance operates in the innovative realm of DeFi, where blockchain technology meets financial services. Salaries in such companies are often competitive, reflecting the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate finance and technology.

Beyond Finance Salary as of May 28, 2024

Detailed Beyond Finance Salary table monthly, yearly, and hourly. Assuming a standard work year of 2,080 hours (40 hours per week for 52 weeks), here’s how the salary breakdown might look:

Job PositionYearly Average SalaryMonthly Average SalaryHourly Average Wage
Executive Management
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)$225,000$18,750$108
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)$185,000$15,417$89
Chief Operating Officer (COO)$150,000$12,500$72
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)$150,000$12,500$72
Finance and Accounting
Financial Analyst$80,000$6,667$38
Compliance Officer$75,000$6,250$36
Tax Specialist$67,500$5,625$32
Payroll Specialist$50,000$4,167$24
Treasury Analyst$75,000$6,250$36
Operations Manager$90,000$7,500$43
Project Manager$82,500$6,875$40
Business Analyst$75,000$6,250$36
Process Improvement Specialist$75,000$6,250$36
Sales and Marketing
Sales Manager$80,000$6,667$38
Marketing Manager$80,000$6,667$38
Customer Relationship Manager$65,000$5,417$31
Digital Marketing Specialist$60,000$5,000$29
Sales Analyst$70,000$5,833$34
Technology and Development
Software Developer$95,000$7,917$46
Data Analyst$75,000$6,250$36
IT Support Specialist$50,000$4,167$24
Network Administrator$62,500$5,208$30
Cybersecurity Analyst$85,000$7,083$41
Human Resources
HR Manager$85,000$7,083$41
Recruitment Officer$60,000$5,000$29
Training and Development Coordinator$62,500$5,208$30
Payroll Administrator$50,000$4,167$24
HR Analyst$60,000$5,000$29
Customer Service
Customer Service Representative$40,000$3,333$19
Client Onboarding Specialist$50,000$4,167$24
Account Manager$62,500$5,208$30
Support Technician$45,000$3,750$22
Legal Counsel$115,000$9,583$55
Legal Assistant$42,500$3,542$20
Contract Analyst$67,500$5,625$32
Risk Management
Risk Manager$100,000$8,333$48
Credit Analyst$62,500$5,208$30
Risk Analyst$75,000$6,250$36
Fraud Investigator$60,000$5,000$29

Final Verdict

Beyond Finance provides a dynamic and highly rewarding employment environment, particularly for people with expertise in technology and finance. Beyond Finance offers excellent salaries that match the inventive and fast-paced characteristics of the DeFi industry. As the sector expands, the opportunities and rewards for professionals in this field will likely change, making Beyond Finance an appealing organization for anyone wishing to make an impact in decentralized finance.