Best Colleges in Lahore – List of GOVT Colleges in Lahore Division

Want to join Best Colleges in Lahore? Tap this page to find the list of the top private and  Government Colleges in Lahore Division: Punjab’s capital, Lahore, is known for its wonderful culture, extensive traditions, and delectable cuisine. Infrastructure, the medical community, and the educational system of Lahore have all advanced significantly over time.

Lahore is noted for its outstanding private and government educational institutions, which include government schools, colleges, and universities in the country.

This blog will provide you with a list of well-known Best Colleges in Lahore that offer high-quality education at a reasonable cost to the general public.

Which college is best in Lahore for FSC?

Which college is best for FSC in Pakistan? read the following list of best score institutes in Lahore for boys and girls.

RankInstitution NameBoardscore
1Government College University, LahoreBISE, Lahore1933
2Kips Intermediate Girls College, LahoreBISE, Lahore1897
3Unique College For Girls New Muslim Town, LahoreBISE, Lahore1876
4Kinnaird College For Women, LahoreBISE, Lahore1872
5Lahore College For Women University, LahoreBISE, Lahore1780
6Punjab College For Women Muslim Town, LahoreBISE, Lahore1770
7Defence Degree College For Women, LahoreBISE, Lahore1715
8Punjab College For Women Jahangir Road, LahoreBISE, Lahore1709
9Garrison College For Girls, LahoreBISE, Lahore1695
9Fazaia Intermediate College, Munir Road, LahoreFBISE, Islamabad1695

Top Colleges in Lahore For ICS:

  2. Lahore College for Women University.
  3. Punjab College.
  4. Kinnaird College For Women University.
  5. Forman Christian College.
  6. Apwa Degree College For Women.
  7. Superior College.
  8. Queen Marry College.


Visit all Government College University Lahore


1. Government College University Lahore

Government College University Lahore


The Government College University is the first college on our list. It is one of Lahore’s oldest colleges. In 1864, it opened its doors to the general public. The college was elevated to the rank of a university in 2002. As a result, the college rose to become one of the country’s top ten educational institutions.

GC University Lahore
  1. Address: Government College University, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan
  2. Phone: +92 42 111 000 010
  3. Affiliations: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Bar Council
  4. Affiliation: National Computing Education Accreditation Council
  5. Founded: 1 January 1864

There are around 1200 students enrolled in the institution, who are divided into 32 academic departments. The institution offers five research facilities in addition to its large campus and other amenities. In 2013, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) ranked the university second in the general category.


2. KIPS College

KIPS College Lahore Campus

The famed KIPS college is the second college on our list. It is one of Lahore’s most prominent private schools. KIPS first opened its doors to the public in 2004 and has since offered pupils a high-quality education.

KIPS Website
  1. Address: 32-33 B, Jagawar Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan
  2. Phone: +92 42 111 547 775
  3. Campus: 150+
  4. Founded: 1992
  5. Education system: Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary School Certificate

In addition to regular lectures, the college emphasizes revision and test sessions, counseling sessions, and scholarship opportunities. Counselors are also accessible to students for free educational sessions and career counseling at the college.

The Kips college has campuses across Punjab cities including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Kasur, Hafizabad, Layyah, Gujrat, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal, Daska, Burewala, Pakpattan, Arifwala, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, and other districts in Pakistan.


3. Queen Mary College

Queen Mary College

Queen Mary College (QMC) is one of Lahore’s oldest girls’ schools. It is a self-governing college that was founded in 1908. Victoria May Girls High School was the school’s former name until 1911 when it was changed in honor of King George V’s Queen Consort.

QMC Website
  1. Address: 2 Durand Rd, Muhammad Nagar Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Phone: +92 42 36362942
  3. Founded: 1908

The school offers children from Lahore and the surrounding areas a low-cost, high-quality education.

Preschool, primary, secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate education, as well as preparation for the worldwide GCE O Level exams, are all available at the college. The college also offers classes ranging from kindergarten to postgraduate.


4. Superior College

Superior College Lahore

The Superior College Lahore is a renowned institute of excellent education, a homelike conducive learning atmosphere, world-class college facilities, and trainers such as lecturers who will assist you in gaining not just educational qualifications but also lasting values.

Superior Lahore Website
  1. Address: G82J+HQC، 31 Ferozepur Road، Kalma Chowk Flyover, New Tipu Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab
  2. Phone: 0333 8635942

Lahore campus is easily accessible from any point or distance in the city, thanks to its central position near Kalma Chowk. Superior College Lahore’s study culture reflects pure Superior principles and the purpose of ‘facilitating Superior human beings.’

This is a place where students learn to live passionately and with a sense of purpose. Academic, co-curricular, and recreational activities all contribute to ‘excellence.’


5. Govt. College for Women, Gulberg

Govt. College for Women, Gulberg

Gulberg Government College for Women is one of Lahore’s premier institutions for women. It is a government-run institution that offers a variety of academic programs at a low cost. Science, Arts, and ICS are just a few of the topics available at the college.

GCWG Website
  1. Address: #49AB، Park View St, Block C 3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab
  2. Phone: (042) 99263007

GCW Gulberg, Lahore is proud of its academic prowess and high educational standards. As a public sector college, it provides high-quality education at a lower cost than any private or other institute in Lahore.

The college has a long history of producing good results. Aside from academic brilliance, the institution has received several honors in science, debate, poetry, qirat, and naat contests.


6. Punjab Group College (PGC):

Punjab Group of College

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has effectively developed Pakistan’s largest private-sector quality education network since 1985. Three licensed universities, 417 colleges, 15 Resource Academia Campuses, 1075 Allied Schools, and 425 EFA Schools make up the Group as a dynamic institute.

PGC Website
  1. Founder: Mian Amer Mahmood
  2. Founded: 1985
  3. Headquarters: Lahore
  4. Affiliations: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Bahawalpur
  5. Chairman: Mian Amer Mehmood
  6. Director: Sohail Afzal
  7. Subsidiary: Punjab College of Commerce

We provide high-quality education from kindergarten through the doctoral level, allowing each student to pursue a full professional path.

The Group proudly manages the Capital University of Science and Technology in the Federal Capital, the University of Central Punjab in Lahore, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, in addition to providing education at the school and college levels.


7. Forman Christian College:

Forman Christian College

In the 18th century, Forman Christian College was founded. As a result, it is one of Pakistan’s oldest colleges. The institution has been giving top-notch education to the general public since its foundation.

FCCU was established in 1864 with the goal of providing high-quality education to the people of the region and assisting in their academic, economic, and social growth.

FCCU Website
  1. Address: Zahoor Elahi Rd, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54600
  2. Phone: (042) 99231581
  3. Rector: Jonathan Addleton
  4. Founder: Charles William Forman
  5. Founded: 1864

Moreocer, the FCCU has risen from its humble beginnings as a tiny college to become an academically strong institution that provides a diverse variety of possibilities for its students to develop and achieve their full potential.

8. Fazaia College of Education for Women Lahore

Fazaia College of Education for Women Lahore

Pakistan Air Force controls Fazaia College of Education for Women in Lahore. The institution, which has a total size of roughly 16 canals (area), first opened its doors to the public in 2007.

  1. Address: Sarwar Rd, near PAF Montessori, PAF Officers Colony, Lahore, Punjab 54810
  2. Products and Services:
  3. Phone: (042) 99505517

Fazaia College of Education aspires to be a complete institution devoted to academic achievement and a global educational perspective. Fazaia College is a respected and contemporary institution with a reputation for excellent teaching, research, governance, and community connections. The college gives all brilliant students an equal chance regardless of their background.

All government Colleges in Lahore Regions:

Here you can see all government colleges in the Lahore region:

Sr.College NameDistrictGenderDivisionContact
1Govt. College For Women, Chunian, KasurKasurFemaleLahore494311934
2Govt. Chando Begum Degree College For Women, Kanganpur, ChunianKasurFemaleLahore424820777
3Govt. Degree College For Women, Ellahbad, District KasurKasurFemaleLahore
4Govt. Post Graudate College For Women KasurKasurFemaleLahore492771477
5Govt. College For Women Kot Radha Kishan, KasurKasurFemaleLahore492385268
6Govt. Syed Charagh Shah Degree College For Women, Kot Murad Khan, District, KasurKasurFemaleLahore492771999
7Govt.Hanifa Begum Degree College For Women Mustafabad, District KasurKasurFemaleLahore
8Govt. Degree College For Women Khudian Khas, KasurKasurFemaleLahore492790018
9Govt. College For Women Pattoki, KasurKasurFemaleLahore494420179
10Govt. College For Women Phool Nagar, KasurKasurFemaleLahore494510398
11Govt. College (Boys) Chunian, KasurKasurMaleLahore494311634
12Govt. Institute Of Commerce, ChunianKasurMaleLahore494311150
13Govt. Degree College Mustafa Abad, KasurKasurMaleLahore492450518
14Govt. Degree College (B) Kot Radha Kishan, KasurKasurMaleLahore492385525
15Govt. Islamia College KasurKasurMaleLahore492727861
16Govt. College Of Commerce, KasurKasurMaleLahore3049251951
17Govt. Degree College, PattokiKasurMaleLahore494420059
18Govt. Degree College Bhai Pheru (Phool Nagar), KasurKasurMaleLahore494510949
19Govt. Institute Of Commerce, PattokiKasurMaleLahore494427177
20Govt. College Township LahoreLahoreBothLahore4299262114
21Govt. College Of Science Wahdat Road LahoreLahoreBothLahore4299260040
22Govt. Islamia College Of Commerce, LahoreLahoreBothLahore4237808254
23Govt. Islamia College, Railway Road, LahoreLahoreBothLahore4237658013
24Govt. M.A.O. College LahoreLahoreBothLahore4237243897
25Govt. Shalimar College, Baghban Pura LahoreLahoreBothLahore4299330281
26Govt.Post Graduate College (W) Samanabad, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237538818
27Govt. Post Graduate College For Women Wahdat Colony, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4235405305
28Govt. College (W) E-Block Model Town, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299230434
29Govt. Degree College For Women Raiwind, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4235393485
30Govt. College For Women Bund Road Lahore.LahoreFemaleLahore3004858340
31Govt. Degree College For Women Bilal Ganj, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237223000
32Govt. Jinnah Degree College (W) Mozang LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236360695
33Govt. Apwa College (Women) LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299203449
34Govt. College For Women Gulberg, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299263009
35Govt. Kulli-Yat-Ul-Banat Degree College For Women, Lahore.LahoreFemaleLahore542413213
36Govt. Degree College (W) Wapda Town, Lahore.LahoreFemaleLahore4235174132
37Govt. College For Women, Township, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299262155
38Govt.Degree College For Women Gawalmandi, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299238809
39Govt. Postgraduate Islamia College (W) Lahore CanttLahoreFemaleLahore4299223027
40Govt. Degree College For Women Mustafa Abad LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236826219
41Govt. Post Graduate Islamia College (W) Cooper Road LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299202773
Sr.College NameDistrictGenderDivisionContact
42Govt. College Of Home Economics Gulberg, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4299263326
43Govt. College For Women Baghban Pura LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236552597
44Govt. Ayesha Degree College For Women, Timber Market, Ravi Road, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237709190
45Govt. College For Women Shad Bagh LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore2436275650
46Govt. Degree College For Women, Data Nagar, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore
47Govt. Degree College (W) Kot Khawaja Saeed LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236856737
48Govt. Degree College For Women, Gulshan Ravi, Lahore.LahoreFemaleLahore4237419898
49Govt. Degree College For Women, Shahdara, Lahore.LahoreFemaleLahore4237941344
50Govt.Degree College For Woman Kot Lakhpat , LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4235917565
51Govt.Degree College For Women,Marghzar Colony,LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237499772
52Govt.Degree College For Women Kahna Nau, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore
53Govt.Degree College For Women,Shalimar Town,LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236880186
54Govt.Fatima Jinnah College For Women ,Chuna Mandi,LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237661185
55Govt. Degree College(W), Salamat Pura, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236554389
56Govt. Queen Mary College For Women LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237576412
57Govt. Rabia Basri College For Women, Amar Sidhu, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237167515
58Govt. Degree College (W), Chung, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4235230206
59Govt.Degree College For Women Rakh Chabeel,District LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4236522800
60Govt.Degree College For Women Hair ,Bedian Road ,District LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4235600208
61Govt. Degree College For Women Islampura, District LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore4237100117
62Govt. Degree College For Women, Thokar Niaz Baig, LahoreLahoreFemaleLahore
63Govt. Degree College (Boys) Raiwind, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4235393776
64Govt. College (Boys), Model Town LahoreLahoreMaleLahore99231678
65Govt. Shah Hussain Degree College, Chung LahoreLahoreMaleLahore
66Govt. College Of Commerce, Sabzazar, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299332295
67Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299210676
68Govt. Dyal Singh College LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4237247212
69Govt. Islamia Degree College For Boys Lahore CanttLahoreMaleLahore4299238743
70Govt. College Ravi Road Shahdara LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4237932871
71Govt. College For Boys Gulberg, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299230159
72Govt. Degree College For Boys Shalimar Town, District, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4236880297
73Govt. Khawaja Rafique Shaheed College Walton Road, District LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299332619
74Govt. College Of Commerce, Hunza Block Allama Iqbal Town, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4237807307
75Govt. College Of Commerce, Baghbanpura, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4236520191
76Govt. College Of Commerce, Shahdara, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4237910216
77Govt. College Of Commerce, Kot Lakhpat, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299262093
78Govt. Institute Of Commerce, Samanabad, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4237583649
79Govt. Degree College For Boys, Bedian Road, District LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4235970070
80Govt. Degree College For Boys, Kahna Nau, LahoreLahoreMaleLahore4299330174
81Govt. G.N. Degree College (W) Nankana SahibNankana SahibFemaleLahore569201067
82Govt. Degree College For Women Warburton, Nanka SahibNankana SahibFemaleLahore562794488
83Govt. Degree College For Women Bucheki, District Nankana SahibNankana SahibFemaleLahore
Sr.College NameDistrictGenderDivisionContact
84Govt. Degree College For Women Shahkot, Nankana SahibNankana SahibFemaleLahore563710469
85Govt. College (W) Sangla Hill, Nankana SahibNankana SahibFemaleLahore563700820
86Govt. Guru Nanak Postgraduate College Nankana SahibNankana SahibMaleLahore569201043
87Govt. Institute Of Commerce, Nankana SahibNankana SahibMaleLahore569201042
88Govt. Degree College (B) Shahkot, Nankana Sahib.Nankana SahibMaleLahore563710929
89Govt. Islamia Degree College Sangla Hill, Nankana SahibNankana SahibMaleLahore563700399
90Govt. Post Graduate College (Boys) SheikhupuraSheikhupuraBothLahore563783032
91Govt. Degree College For Women, Ferozewala, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore4237960198
92Govt. Girls Degree College, Vandala Diyal Shah, FerozwalaSheikhupuraFemaleLahore4237391402
93Govt. Degree College For Women, Muridke, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore4237990001
94Govt. Degree College For Women, Narang Mandi, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore562410173
95Govt. Post Graduate College For Women, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore563783273
96Govt. Waris Shah Degree College For Women Jandiala Sher Khan,


97Govt. Degree College For Women, Bikhi, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore563882021
98Govt. Pir Bahar Shah Degree College For Women, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore563784440
99Govt. Degree College For Women Khanqa Dogaran, District


100Govt. Degree College For Women Farooqabad, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore563874107
101Govt. Degree College For Women Sharaqpur Sharif SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore562591666
102Govt. College Of Commerce SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore563785601
103Govt. Degree College For Women, Safdarabad, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraFemaleLahore5633862200
104Govt. Degree College Narang Madni, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraMaleLahore3349798434
105Govt. Waris Shah Degree College Jandiala Sher Khan SheikhupuraSheikhupuraMaleLahore563880146
106Govt. Institute Of Commerce, Narang MandiSheikhupuraMaleLahore562410416
107Govt. Degree College For Boys Muridke, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraMaleLahore
108Govt. Degree College For Boys Sharq Pur Sharif, SheikhupuraSheikhupuraMaleLahore562590032
109Govt. Institute Of Commerce, Sharaqpur SharifSheikhupuraMaleLahore562591893
110Govt. Degree College For Boys,Safdarabad,SheikhupuraSheikhupuraMaleLahore