Physics 9th Class Online Test

Physics 9th Class Online Test:

Physics 9th Class Online Test enhance the studying and learn physics. These physics quiz covers all syllabus of 9th class physics book of Punjab textbook board online quizzes. Furthermore, physics online test deals the study of matter, energy, force and motion, 9th class physics online test is considered as one of the most important activity for 9th class students that is being taught in all schools and colleges.

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Physics 9th Class

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If a body is thrown vertically upward then it's final velocity will be ______

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If the center of gravity of the body is below the fulcrum then the body will be in _________equilibrium:

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There are_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ equation of motion which are used to solve the problems about the motion of bodies:

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In equation of motion, initial velocity will be taken as :

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Additions of vectors are done by____?

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Weight of the body mass 10 kg on the surface of motion:

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The number of derived units in SI system are:

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Motion of the rocket an example of :

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If a rocket is fired vertically with a speed of ____, it will start resolving around the earth:

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When air is released from a inflated balloon, it shoots off is an example of:

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