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English 10th class Online Test:

This English learning platform, governmentjob.pk, is a good choice for a class 10 English online quiz. So, you can find almost any help you need to cover your topic. Students will find the online test system for the 10th grade English class on this page.

The English 10th class online test system is here for students in both the 9th class and the 10th class. The all textbook board also says that this test is made in the same way as the paper you will see on your final exam.

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English for 10th class

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The synonym of "solace" is ________.

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I would have been glad if he ___ me in the hospital.

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The eight lunar month is ___?

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What does "Conceit" Mean?

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Kashif said to me, "Is the movies interesting or boring?" Choose the correct speech.

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Cranes are birds. The underlined word is a/an ?

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Which of the following is not a sentence ?

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Which word means " to identify the nature of a problems, especially an illness"?

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I would have been glad if he _____ me in the hospital.

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How long _____ you been working in the garden ?

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Learning English?

At the matric level, the English online test is the most important way to learn English. Also, at the start of matric class or 10th class, students are free to choose a study programme that fits them best. Students who want to learn about how English grammar is used and other related topics choose this English online test.