English 10th class online test

English 10th class Online Test:

English online quiz for class 10 is suggested to choose this learning Enlish platform governmentjob.pk. Hence you can find almost all the possible assistance to cover your subject. On this page, students will get the English 10th class online test system.

English 10th class online test system for both the students including 9th class students and 10th class students is provided here. In addition, this test is ready in such a way as the paper you will face in the final examination according to the Punjab textbook board Lahore.

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English for 10th class

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The synonym of "solace" is ________.

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The antonym of "consume" is _____.

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Cranes are birds. The underlined word is a/an ?

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What does "Conceit" Mean?

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I would have been glad if he _____ me in the hospital.

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The eight lunar month is ___?

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Which of the following is not a sentence ?

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Which word means " to identify the nature of a problems, especially an illness"?

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How long _____ you been working in the garden ?

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How did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) attract the attention of listeners?

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Learning English

English online test is the most important learning way at the matric level. In addition at the beginning of matric class or in 10th class students are allowed to choose a study program just according to their own way. Students who love to learn about English grammar in use and other related aspects choose this English online test, However, at the same time, students are informed that it is a difficult deal to learn English subject.