Parent & Student Alert: Choose Recognized institutions for Higher Education

For the benefit of students, parents, and the general public, it is hereby announced that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been granted authority to prescribe conditions under which Institutions, including those that are not a part of the State educational system, may be opened and operated throughout the nation under Section 10-1(d) of Ordinance No. LIII of 2002 (Amendment Act No. XXI of 2021 and Second Amendment Act No. XXII of 2022).

Parent & Student Alert: Choose Recognized institutions for Higher Education

As a result, HEC recognizes degrees from accredited colleges and universities in Pakistan‘s public and private sectors as well as degrees from their approved campuses, including degrees from Transnational Educational Institutions (TEI) that offer foreign degrees in Pakistan, as noted on the HEC website at the following web links:

Link of Recognized Universities/Institutions:

Link of Recognized Campuses of Public and Private Sector Institutions:

Link of Recognized Institutions Imparting Foreign Qualification in Pakistan through Collaboration:


List of Illegal/Fake Institutions:

Note: Students and Parents are cautioned not to get admission in the Universities/DAIs whose admissions are banned due to various irregularities as mentioned on HEC website.

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