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On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need about the CSS Syllabus 2023. The CSS curriculum handbook and previous papers on obligatory and optional topics are available for download here. Begin your preparations as soon as possible. Spend your valuable time on CSS preparation according to CSS Syllabus 2023 if you have applied and want to take the CSS test.

Download in PDF format the most recent and amended CSS Syllabus, Subject List, Courses, Outline, Compulsory, and Subject Group.

What is CSS Exam?

CSS Exam is an abbreviation for Central Superior Service Exam. CSS Exam is held by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad for the recruitment of candidates to positions (BS-17) in the following Federal Government services.

The age limit for CSS exam is 21 to 30 years. The age limit is relaxed by two years (i.e. 32 years) for the following candidates:

CSS Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

Clearing the CSS examination is a difficult endeavor, yet clever pupils pass with flying colors. In every sector of competitive examination, smart study always leads to success. The CSS is administered by the Federal Public Service Commission in Islamabad.

CSS Practice Papers:

  • To download Practice Paper for All Candidates, Click here
  • To download Practice Paper’s section for Non-Muslim Candidates (Civics & Ethics), Click here

Rules for CSS Exams & MPT

Keeping the curriculum in mind and picking subjects is a challenging undertaking for aspirants. In a short amount of time, the FPSC CSS syllabus 2023 offers candidates with the required information for topic selection.



CSS Syllabus Revised 2023

It has its own timetable for administering this exam. After completing the CSS written and interview stages, one might be appointed to a job on the gazette. CSS has a total of 1200 and 600 points, with a hundred points being required and 600 points being voluntary.


CSS Optional Subjects List

There are numerous groupings of elective or optional subjects according to the most recent CSS curriculum. You must select optional subjects from the groupings. Both the recommended groups and the curriculum are acceptable.

CSS Optional SubjectsMarks
English Essay100
English ( Precis and Composition)100
General Science & Ability100
Current Affair100
Pakistan Affair100
Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of Major Religion ( For Non-Muslims).100

In the FPSC CSS curriculum, CSS content is organized into two basic categories: obligatory and elective topics. The specifics of the followinf groups, as well as the required information, are provided below.

Group 1 Subjects

Group 1 SubjectsMarks
Accounting & Auditing200
Computer Science200
International Relations200
Political Science200

Below are seven groupings including diverse subjects. These are the groups in which a candidate must complete the remaining 600 marks.

Group 2 Subjects

Group 2 SubjectsMarks
Pure Mathematics200
Applied Mathematics200

Group 3 Subjects

Group 3 SubjectsMarks
Business Administration100
Governance & Public Policies100
Public Administration100
Town Planning 7 Urban Management100

Group 4 Subjects

Group 4 SubjectsMarks
Islamic History & Culture100
History of the USA100
History of Pakistan & India100
European History100
British History100

Group 5 Subjects

Group 5 SubjectsMarks
Urdu Literature100
Gender Studies100
Environmental Science100
English Literature100
Agriculture & Forestry100

Group 6 Subjects

Group 6 SubjectsMarks
Constitutional Law100
International Law100
Mercantile Law100
Muslim Law &  Jurisprudence100


Group 7 Subjects

Group 7 SubjectsMarks
Journalism & Mass Communication100

Group-II Optional Subjects of 200 marks might be chosen


FPSC CSS Roll No Slip 2023

The Central Superior Services CSS roll number slip will be available online here. Candidates who applied for the 17-basic-pay-scale position are waiting to see if their names are on the list of successful applicants. We’d like to inform you that the list of candidates has been completed and is ready for publication.

(To be read and agreed / acknowledged by candidates before downloading Admission Certificate)
You can read CSS Rules by clicking here and detailed instructions here

Previous CSS Question Papers

CSS Paper Pattern

Furthermore, you can get the additional information and the most recent CSS examination news updates on our website, such as the CSS registration method, CSS registration deadline, how to download the print application form, final result scrutiny lists, and much more. For additional CSS updates and news notifications, please contact us via the comment box.

CSS 2023(Exams) Centres by Cities

CSS Centres
D.G. KhanLarkana
D.I. KhanMultan


This article is all about the CSS test syllabus, which should help you choose subjects. Recognize these groups’ overall strategies and select your CSS subjects with caution. Making incorrect judgments at this time would not only waste your time but also your efforts.