Cardiovascular Systems Inc Salary | CSI’s Salaries by Job Title

Cardiovascular Systems Inc (CSI) is a leading company in the medical device industry based in the United States that provides excellent career opportunities in various fields, ranging from engineering to administrative positions. CSI is known for its commitment for seeking to improve patient products. However, many job seekers and industry analysts seek clarity regarding CSI’s salary packages. This post aims to provide insights into the Cardiovascular Systems Inc Salary, offering information on how compensation varies by job title,  experience level and location across the United States.

Company Overview

With its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cardiovascular Systems Inc . is well known for its dedication to improving patient outcomes using cutting-edge medical technology. With a focus on difficult cardiovascular problems, the company has become a major participant in the medical device sector thanks to its commitment to research, development, and clinical support.

Cardiovascular Systems Inc (CSI) Salaries:

The following table is formatted for salaries at Cardiovascular Systems Inc. (CSI) as of April 21, 2024:

Job TitleRangeAverage
Network Engineer$70k – $122k (Estimated*)$93,291
Regulatory Affairs Specialist$43k – $68k (Estimated*)$54,598
Clinical Specialist, Medical Devices$62k – $103k (Estimated*)$80,656
Executive Administrator$60k – $100k (Estimated*)$77,436
Executive Assistant$53k – $88k (Estimated*)$68,629
Manufacturing Engineer$63k – $94k (Estimated*)$77,784
Marketing Communications Manager$67k – $120k (Estimated*)$90,957
Senior Research & Development (R&D) Engineer$89k – $119k (Estimated*)$104,971
Senior Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)$67k – $99k (Estimated*)$80,477

Geographic Variations in Salaries

The pay scales at CSI differ depending on the area, considering the local market dynamics and cost of living. Below is a hypothetical summary of potential salary differences for a Mid-Level Project Manager role in each of the US states:

StateMonthly Salary Range
California$7,500 – $9,000
Texas$6,500 – $8,000
Florida$6,000 – $7,500
New York$7,800 – $9,300
Minnesota$6,700 – $8,200


Cardiovascular Systems Inc. offers competitive salaries that vary by experience level and location, reflecting its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in the medical device field. While this post provides a general overview, we encourage job seekers and industry professionals to seek out specific data relevant to their career aspirations and locations. With its focus on innovation and improving patient outcomes, CSI represents a compelling career destination for those looking to make an impact.