Punjab Will Hire 100 Principals for Public Colleges

The Higher Education Department (HED) of Punjab has made the decision to fill 100 open positions for college principals around the province. Five colleges in Lahore are among those that have made the decision to operate without a full-time principal.

According to the information, Government College (GC) Township, GC Model Town, Queen Mary College, and GC College at Ravi Road are among the colleges in Lahore that are operating without a full-time principal.

The duties of the principals at these institutes are performed on an ad hoc basis by either the in-charge or the professors, which has been resulting in administrative and academic problems.

The HED has declared that these jobs would be filled immediately. They have received numerous applications, and the candidates who made the shortlist will be interviewed the following week. A crucial choice will be made soon, according to the department’s spokesperson.

According to its Chairman, Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Punjab intends to start an unique scholarship programme for Ph.D. students.

He claimed that the HEC Punjab places a priority on encouraging high-caliber research in order to address industry problems and support Pakistan’s development. He said that until significant improvements are made to the standard of instruction in schools, colleges, and universities, Pakistan’s education sector will never advance.

In order to improve its educational system, Pakistan would be beneficial to seek assistance from other countries. Doing so would promote bilateral ties and progress diplomacy, education tourism, and other related fields.