New Date Announced for MDCAT 2023 After Protest by Pakistani Students

MDCAT 2023 Rescheduled After Student Protests: A Win for Voices of Change

Due to a groundswell of student protests, the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) 2023 in Pakistan has been delayed by PMC. Responding to the concerns of aspiring medical and dentistry students, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar has extended the test date, giving students enough time to thoroughly study for this important entrance exam.

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission (PMDC) had firmly determined the date for this year’s MDCAT, which was originally scheduled for August 27.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council -

However, in response to mounting student pressure and determined campaigning, the regulatory authority has acted quickly by establishing a new test date. This decision demonstrates the government’s commitment to creating an egalitarian and supportive environment for students seeking admission to medical and dentistry schools.


New MDCAT Date: Sunday, September 10

This change in scheduling comes as a comfort to many students who have been working hard in preparation for this high-stakes exam. The push for a new date gained traction, with debates spreading across other platforms, most notably X (previously known as Twitter).

A group of international students staged a demonstration outside the PMDC headquarters in Islamabad, demonstrating their unity and determination. Their goal was twofold: to address the announced MDCAT date and to express concerns about the newly implemented test regulations. The strict passing threshold established at 70% for international students was a particularly sensitive issue.

Challenges to Inclusivity

Foreign students expressed their dissatisfaction, pointing out that no other country in the world sets such a high passing standard for medical admittance exams. This gap raises important questions regarding the fairness and inclusivity of the examination procedure for overseas candidates, which may affect their prospects of gaining admission to prestigious Pakistani medical and dentistry institutions.

These developing protests highlight the critical importance of the MDCAT for aspiring medical and dentistry students. Furthermore, it emphasizes the critical role of student advocacy and activism in bringing about beneficial changes in the educational system. The decision to reschedule the test date demonstrates the government’s ability to listen to the concerns of its youth and adjust policy accordingly.

Time for Renewed Preparation Efforts

With the revised MDCAT date coming, eager students have a new opportunity to focus their efforts on successful preparation. This rescheduling extension can be used wisely to resolve any remaining questions and to strengthen subject understanding. Finally, this allows pupils to enter the examination hall with more confidence and a better possibility of success.

Finally, the postponement of the MDCAT 2023 date in response to student demonstrations demonstrates the power of collective voices as well as the authorities’ responsiveness to youthful concerns. This change not only accommodates students’ demand for enough preparation time, but it also represents a big step toward a more equal and accessible admissions procedure that accepts both local and international candidates. It serves as a reminder that when people speak up, change becomes a possibility.

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