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Fsc Physics Part 2 Online Test:

Welcome to Fsc Physics Part 2 online test. This Learning Hub offers quality Physics online test for FSc 2nd year students at the Junior College level. Established the teaching methodology adopted in Physics Learning hub has proven effective in helping many students level exams.

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Physics - 11th Class

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Weber is unit of____

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White light does not converge on a single point after passing through convex because of_____.

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Free electrons are _____

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How much average force should be applied to 2500 Kg car, having velocity of 30 m/s, in order to stop the in 15 seconds?

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Semi-conductor diode is an example of

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A complex system consisting of a number of resistors can be solved by ___?

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The frequency of second’s pendulum is_____?

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The conductance of a conductor increases ___

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Pinhole camera was invented by _____.

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Subtract a given vector from another, its ______ vector is added to the other one.

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