FSc Chemistry Part 2

FSc Chemistry Part 2 Online Test

This learning concept of Chemistry material is MCQs based on core competencies and basic competencies for FSc Chemistry Part 2.

Hence Governmentjob site collect all materials of chemistry part-1 /Part 2 are divided into six parts, namely: Mass, Bonding, Volume, States of Matter, Atoms and Chemical reactions. It is hoped that this FSc online test material can help you to understand the concept of Chemistry for annual exams.

Start 2nd year Chemistry online Test:

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Chemistry 12th class

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Silver bromide is used in ____.

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The oxide of Beryllium is ________.

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Tincal is a mineral of

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First transitions series starts with:

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The gas filled in fluorescent tube is ?

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The milk of magnesia is used for the treatment of ____.

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The brown gas formed when metal reduces HNO3 is.

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The chemical compositions of cinnabar is ____.

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The total number of transitions elements is:

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Potassium oxides is a _________

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