Thousands of Govt Teachers in Punjab Decides to Permanent

Punjab to Regularize Thousands of Govt Teachers

Punjab government decides to regularize thousands of govt teachers: One of the long-standing demands of the teachers has finally been granted as the Punjab government has decided to regularize thousands of teachers working in public sector educational institutions.


The Minister continued by saying that the current provincial administration had pledged to regularize teachers and has now done so. He predicted that there would soon be more encouraging news for teachers.

During its previous term, the current Punjab administration had initially intended to regularize thousands of teachers. After being abandoned earlier this year in April, the idea was put on hold. However, the coalition government led by the PTI continued the process of regularizing teachers after recently retaking power.

The summary for the regularization of 14,000 government teachers was started, signed, and pushed on, according to a tweet from Punjab’s Minister of Education department, Dr. Murad Raas.

Details indicate that the KP government has declared 58,000 government teachers to be permanent. Additionally, the administration had declared that 720 temporary doctors and 4,070 former FATA project workers will be regularized. In total, the KP government had stated that it would regularise about 63,000 workers.