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Learning through internet platforms is encouraged in Pakistan. Learn more about the top 15 Online Courses Free that Pakistani students recommend taking. Pakistanis appreciate online learning. This youthful country, with a median age of 23, may make significant progress through the use of digital learning.

The last day to enroll for Free Online Courses in 4th July 2022.

We have produced a list of the 15 Online Courses Free that are the most popular in Pakistan, ranging from COVID-19 prevention to personal development.

The majority of Pakistan’s most famous educational institutions are now offering free online courses. The fact that these courses may be completed from home at no cost and to a high standard makes them very appealing to students in Pakistan. This page discusses the availability of free online courses in Pakistan, especially those pertaining to computers.

Why Choose Digiskills Online Courses Free in Pakistan?

In recent years, Digiskills Online Courses Free instruction has overtaken that traditional classroom training. E-learning courses have grown in popularity as a result of their low cost and the fact that they can be completed from home.

Travel and other costs are typically required for traditional courses. The convenience and low cost of taking classes online make them an attractive option.

Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills, including multi-media, on this platform. You can continue your education even if you have a job by enrolling in classes offered online. This gives them a significant increase in their capability.

Free online courses are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan as a result of the convenience and affordability they offer. Lessons in computing offered online in Pakistan provide a more effective and convenient learning environment.

Online courses with certificate free (Benefits)

The use of the internet for education in Pakistan offers many advantages.

  • To begin, there are a variety of classes. There are a series of videos available to help you improve your knowledge and abilities.
  • It is also less expensive. It does not cost anything to use the transportation, textbooks, or other supplies. Nothing is charged for it. There is no need for books or transportation. Everyone benefits from this.
  • Additionally, the study environment is pleasant. You can watch videos and listen to lectures in a short amount of time. Finish all of your tests and assignments on time.
  • It makes the work easier and more convenient for the students. They are good at planning and staying focused.
  • It assists you in quickly and effortlessly putting things in order.

Which are the Best Online Courses Free in Pakistan?

This programme currently has a total of 15 best trending Online Courses Free available for enrollment.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. AutoCAD
  3. Communication & Soft Skills
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  6. Digital Literacy
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. E-Commerce Management
  9. Freelancing
  10. Graphics Design
  11. QuickBooks
  12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  13. Video Editing, Animation & Vlogging
  14. Virtual Assistant
  15. WordPres

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are not limited in any way with regard to their age, gender, or level of education. Candidates are permitted to apply to a maximum of four classes per semester. Certificate programmes are not available to students who are working toward a degree or diploma through the Virtual University.

Top 10 Free Courses in Pakistan

1. Freelancing

Freelancing Course Detail

Freelancers can learn useful tactics and techniques that are both straightforward and time-saving from this freelancing online training. It is discussed what freelancers should and should not do. This class will provide an overview of freelance marketplaces. Students are given an overview of Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer, as well as instruction on how to generate income with each platform.

What you will learn in Freelancing Course

Define freelancingIdentify steps to become a Successful Freelancer
Identify different types of freelance marketplacesIdentify the steps for effective Bidding to get the most from the process
Identify pros and cons to freelancingIdentify the steps to grow as a freelancer
Identify and apply their strengths/skills in freelance market.Identify how to retain existing client
Sign up as a freelancer at different platformsManage a project once it is awarded
Create an effective profile on freelance platformsManage project payments (escrow, invoicing system)
Search the right projectsIdentify the importance of feedback for profile
Write a winning proposalIdentify the steps to keep projects coming
Define the importance of communication skillsIdentify the mistakes and problems every freelancer faces

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When SEO is used, a company has a better chance of ranking higher in the results of search engines, which results in increased exposure. Humans are naturally inquisitive creatures who never stop exploring for solutions. There are now billions of people all around the world who use Google as their primary search engine. Having knowledge of how Google ranks webpages enables one to accomplish this. One of the most important skills for digital marketing is covered in this class. If a company’s website achieves a high ranking on Google, the company can anticipate receiving millions of visits and leads for potential customers.


This course meets global criteria. You will learn about Google and Bing in this course, as well as how search works, how search engines score websites, why Google is the best search engine, how to rank highly for specific keywords, and which tools and strategies you need to use to outrank your competitors. This course instructs students on how to successfully optimize content and websites for search engines, as well as how to make effective use of various SEO tools and how to run an effective SEO project. The class consists of practical exercises, substantial video lectures, multiple-choice questions, and reference material.

What you will learn in SEO Course

Use the Google Search engine efficiently.Implement different on-page factors on a WordPress website using the necessitating plugin, called The Yoast SEO plugin.
Practice different steps to do efficient keyword research.Perform Off-page Optimization, also called Link Building.
Utilize keywords with your unique content.Perform Video, Social Media, and AppStore SEO according to the latest trends and techniques.
Plan SEO activities based on how search engines rank websites. Change the existing structure of a website to rank it higher in search results.Apply advanced techniques that will make the websites rank better than competitors.
Create a better marketing strategy for any product or service keeping in mind the importance of SEO.Use some of the most important tools for SEO.
Perform On-page Optimization to rank the website higher in Google search results.Manage a complete SEO project.
Integrate some on-page factors like Sitemap, Robots.txt, and Schema.Acquire online SEO-related projects on different freelancing platforms.
Configure important tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.Perform competitor analysis.


3. WordPress

WordPress web design website

Numerous websites and blogs are powered by WordPress. Anyone may learn how to make money with WordPress by taking this course, which teaches them how to use the platform. This course will walk you through setting up an account, creating posts and pages, modifying themes, and integrating plugins. You will also learn how to set up an online store as part of the programme.

You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with people from Pakistan who have transformed their lives via the use of WordPress and now make money while working from home.

What you will learn in WordPress Course

Set-up an account on WordPress PlatformReply and handle different types of comments
Use FREE version of WordPressUse various kinds of widgets
Change the appearance of your WordPress siteUse menus to edit the navigation bar
Effectively use the posts and pagesMake money with WordPress and with different tools and functionalities it offers
Install and use different WordPress pluginsInstall Google Analytics on your website for tracking
Add and delete multimedia items using WordPress platformSetup an Ecommerce site using Woo Commerce


Creative (Content) Writing

Content Writing Course Detail

Students who take this class will be better prepared to write reports, resumes, blogs, websites, proposals, and copywriting. Because of the uneven playing field created by our education system, the level of English fluency varies widely from school to school.

This class is designed to be accessible to students of varying educational and cultural backgrounds. Grammar, vocabulary, parts of speech, and common errors in their application are all topics that will be covered in this course. In order to produce more substantive writing, certain aspects of the course place an emphasis on conceptual thinking, observation, and analysis.

What you will learn in Content Writing Course

Effectively use the conventions of English Language.
Examine texts function across a range of genres, contexts and cultures for both creative writing and business communications.
Write for websites, social media, blogs, advertisements, presentations as well as copywriting, editing, ghost and business writing, etc.
Initiate into habits of mind to engender creativity.
Identify and apply his/her strengths in freelance marketplace using writing as a skill.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Course Detail

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways that people make money online today. Globally, the affiliate marketing industry is valued $8 billion. This programme is geared toward individuals who do not have prior experience with internet advertising. Through the class, you will learn how to generate passive income. You will study many concepts and low-cost tactics pertaining to affiliate marketing. Anyone who is interested in monetizing their website using affiliate programmes such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Google AdSense should take this course.

What you will learn in Affiliate Marketing Course

Develop strategies of doing Affiliate Marketing.
Choose a niche for any affiliate site.
Pick ideal domain name.
Plan content of the website.
Design an elegant and user-friendly website.
Perform Affiliate Marketing through Search Engine Optimization techniques.
Perform Affiliate marketing using Google Ads.
Perform Affiliate Marketing using YouTube.
Perform Affiliate marketing using Ecommerce.
Learn basics of the CPA.
Create a blog and monetize it through Google AdSense or other networks.
Setup Event Blogging Strategy.

5. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing Course

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the process of conceptualising, planning, and creating ideas and experiences via the utilisation of both visual and spoken information. Theory and practise are both covered in this course. Participants learn design ideas through both theoretical and practical application during the training.

The Adobe programmes Photoshop and Illustrator will be the primary focus of the practicals. The trainees will participate in activities connected to the internet market. To act in a professional manner when online.

What you will learn in Graphic Designing Course

Present ideas\illustrations using the basic concepts of Design.
Develop basic sense of Graphic Designing with the help of both theory and practice.
Implement the basic concepts of Graphic Design in freelancing projects.
Professionally use the graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
Identify the important commercial jobs of Graphic Designer.
Perform various graphic designing jobs such as designing logos, posters, billboards, calendars, web pages and infographics etc.
Earn through performing the above said tasks in online market.
Fulfill the requirements of online market in reference to freelancing as a Graphic Designer.


6. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course

Participants in this training will be guided through the process of developing a digital marketing campaign and gaining an understanding of the role digital channels play in integrated marketing communication. It starts with a strategy for digital marketing and teaches trainees how to manufacture, distribute, and promote products and services through digital means.

This course is designed for people who own businesses, work independently, are looking for work, are professionals, are students, or are housewives. It is likely that you utilise the internet if you have access to a computer or a smartphone. It makes perfect sense to market either yourself or your company online in order to generate income. Through taking this course, you will gain an understanding of what digital marketing is and how you may progress from being a beginner to an expert in order to begin earning money online or to expand your business.

What you will learn in Digital Marketing Course

Understand the importance of Communication in Digital Marketing
Learn the foundations of Digital and Social Media Marketing
Understand the evolution of Marketing discipline from the traditional to the digital medium, and its importance in the current age
Develop effective and contemporary Digital Marketing Strategy
Understand and implement the process of Digital Marketing through the use of various tools
Engage and attract traffic to Digital Assets through the use of tools and techniques
Learn how to monitor, optimize and evaluate the Digital Marketing strategy through the use of Data Analytics
Learn how to be an effective Digital Marketing Freelancer

7. E-Commerce Management

eCommerce Course

Participants will learn how to construct and operate an online store from the ground up for the duration of this training course. Topics covered include selecting specialised products, domain hosting, and E-Business software such as Magento and Prestashop. Participants will acquire the knowledge necessary to set up Magento and Prestashop online stores on localhost as well as in the cloud.

Learners will get an in-depth look at both domestic and international payment systems as part of an effort to better understand the E-Commerce industry as a whole. The trainees will learn various SEO strategies in order to optimize online stores.

From the standpoint of generating revenue, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Google AdSense will all be investigated. AdSense gives learners the opportunity to earn money simply by starting a blog and employing several free traffic generation tactics.

Participants will acquire the knowledge necessary to use the AliBaba Group Webportal. Participants will learn how to scale up their e-commerce operations to increase their long-term revenue. E-commerce enterprises in the local ecosystem require assistance in ramping up and being managed.

What you will learn in E-Commerce Management Course

Plan, set up and maintain online E-Business.
Market your products using digital and social media marketing.
Identify opportunities in the Global E-Commerce ecosystem.
Configure and run different online stores.
Understand different payment gateways and manage online payments in Pakistan.
Evaluate and mitigate management issues related to the emergence of E-Commerce ecosystem.
Develop product management strategy for E-Business.

8. Video Editing & Vlogging

Students will get an understanding of video post-production, which is an essential skill for anyone working in the broadcasting and digital media industries. The training will be beneficial and hands-on, allowing pupils to reach their full potential. The topics of video editing, motion graphics, and Vlogging are covered in depth within this rigorous course that focuses on practical application. They will gain knowledge of production and post-production processes while developing their own unique style.

Through the completion of this course, you will be able to expand your network of creative and professional contacts in the broadcasting, cinematic, and digital media industries.

This challenging course is broken up into three sections. The course “Video Editing and Animation” offers a variety of post-production techniques, including editing, motion graphics, visual effects, text animations, and more. Third, one can interact with people all around the world by expressing themselves through the medium of “vlogging.” The videos uploaded by the creator are viewed all around the world and help bring people together. It aids in the acquisition of visibility and brings attention to the producers. This course will address both the theory and practice of editing, with an emphasis on the duties and obligations of editors.

What you will learn in Video Editing & Vlogging Course

Perform Pre-production, Production and Post-production process and workflow
Understand the basics of Filming and Framing Techniques
Understand Video Editing Theory and Techniques
Learn Different Video Formats, Types of Editing
Use Other supporting software(s) for post-production
Organize the Project and Workflow
Understand Grammar of Film/Video editing
Learn Types of Cuts
Edit Pace and styles
Perform Sound Editing, treatments, Mix and Mastering
Learn Texts/Titles/Credits
Perform Color Correction and Grading
Perform Motion Graphics, Typography, Motion Tracking & Compositing
Export Transparent Background Videos
Green Screen Chroma Key Cutting
Learn about Visual Effects
Learn about Vlogging Equipment and Gears
Learn how to film yourself, how to showcase your personality, how to find your niche according to your interests and how to establish link with your viewers

9. Digital Literacy (Word, Excel Course Online)

Digital Literacy Excel Course Online

This class instructs students on the most up-to-date office productivity technologies. This course will instruct students in the use of Word, PowerPoint, the Internet, email and Excel Course Online. These apps are suitable for use in any contemporary office. This course is geared toward people with no prior experience with computers; nevertheless, even basic users will profit from it. It is designed to help people become more proficient with computers. Anyone interested in computing or the fundamentals of computers should participate in this module.

What you will learn in Digital Literacy (Excel Course Online)

Identify the basics of hardware, software and storage devices
Install, configure and use printer
Work within the user interface of MS office
Use of charts, graphics and formatting options for creating documents
Work with files, layouts, tables and proof reading tools in MS word
Use new features in excel
Create, save, update and format worksheets
Use of formulas, filters, sorting tools in MS Excel
Work with new design feature in MS PowerPoint
Create, update, animate and run a slide show
Use, search and browse the internet
Read, compose, reply and forward email

10. AutoCAD

AutoCAD combines creativity and technology. This course teaches CAD basics (CAD). AutoCAD pioneered the transition from hand-drawn CAD to technical CAD design. This course teaches the programme from beginner to expert. The purpose is to build planning and designing skills starting with AutoCAD basics and fast proceeding to Polylines, fillets, chamfering, gradient, layers, and hatching. AutoCAD and 3D Max will be discussed. This course shows you how to start a freelance AutoCAD profession and earn the greatest jobs.

What you will learn in AutoCAD Course

Prepare technical drawings with AutoCAD utilizing the tools of Draw, Modify, and Dimension toolbars.
Create and draw a basic 2D drawing in AutoCAD and its usage in planning and designing of housing schemes.
Use the basic functions and features of CAD 3D design and 3D Max.
Design using AutoCAD commands with the help of shortcut keyboard keys.
Convert any PDF version of drawings to AutoCAD file.
Export and present AutoCAD data into other formats like (PDF, JPEG etc.)
Design the layout of drawing and understand the printing and plotting features.


Everyone who is able to read, write, and comprehend English is strongly encouraged to enroll in the DigiSkills training programme in order to become a freelancer.

Training conducted online. After enrolling in this programme, you will be provided with access to the DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. On LMS, you’ll find all module videos and content. You just need a computer that is linked to the internet, whether you’re at home or at work. You have the option of going at your own pace or following the Portal timetable.

The DigiSkills Training Program is the first online training programme in Pakistan designed specifically for freelance skills. It contains courses focused on skills that can be taken online. This program’s unique feature is its Urdu-English course content tailored for Pakistanis.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is in charge of the DigiSkills Training Program, which is funded by the Ignite – National Technology Fund (which was formerly known as the National ICT R&D Fund) and the Virtual University of Pakistan.