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FSc first year Mathematics online test includes the fundamentals of mathematical analysis, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, probability theory, mathematical statistics, mathematical modeling, optimal and econometric control read more FSc Mathematics Part 2.

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Mathematics 11th class

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√¯2 is ________ number.

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For S=sum of roots and P = product of roots then the quadratic formula is ____.

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Modulus of complex number  3 - 4i is _____.

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Types of Rational fraction are ___.

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nth term of A.P is

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If A { } , then P(A) = ___? 

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The G.M between 1 and 16 is ___

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The highest power of x in any quadratic equations is ___.

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A die is rotated then n(S) equals?

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P (E) equals:

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Online tests are basic concept of e-learning that’s necessary for the preparations of final exams. In addition to solving the corresponding problems, economic applications and models are provided in this FSc Mathematics Part 1.

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Moreover all the material is fully consistent with the state educational standard of higher professional education for economic specialties.

FSc Mathematics Part 1 online test are designed for students of economic specialties and related techniques of universities, postgraduate students and professors, students of distance education and distance education programs.

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